Simris Alg in big Swedish R&D Collaboration

Simris Alg is participating in a big Swedish R&D project regarding algae cultivation at pulp and paper mills. The project is financed by Sweden’s Innovation Agency VINNOVA. The goal of the project is to develop a process which will generate large environmental benefits and new business opportunities for the mills. The algae can utilise the nutrients found in the mills’ waste waters and can absorb carbon dioxide from the flue gases. Bio-oil can then be extracted from the algae, which in turn can be refined into many different products, such as bio-diesel, bio-plastics and lubricants.

We are contributing to this project with our expertise within algae cultivation, the specific algae strains that are particularly suited for growth in waste streams and the conditions required in the process. The project is a boost for the Swedish development within algae cultivation, and demonstrates how traditional Swedish basic industry can become more environmentally and economically sustainable, by growing microalgae.


The SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden is leading the project. In addition to Simris Alg, partners of the project are The Paper Province, Nordic Paper Bäckhammar AB, Nynas AB, Karlstad University, Region Värmland, Head Engineering AB, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Perstorp Bioproducts AB, Chalmers University of Technology, Lantmännen Energi AB, the Municipality of Kristinehamn and Cementa AB.

Download and read the full press release from The Paper Province here (in Swedish).